Monetize Policy for Your Website

Site Policies 

Site Structure: Publishers must have a substance filled, route well disposed site plan. Position of our promotions on clear website pages or on site pages with no substance isn't allowed. 

Locales relating to the accompanying will not be endorsed: 

Programming theft (counting however not constrained to warez, torrentz, breaking, and so forth.), hacking, phreaking or other unlawful downloads 

Free facilitated pages 

Locales that contain concealed connections and content 

Under development, stopped pages or pages without substance 

Misleading or manipulative substance or development of locales to enhance web crawler positioning 

Destinations that divert traffic to another site other than ones explicitly endorsed on the Program 

Advance exercises commonly comprehended as Internet misuse, including however not restricted to, the sending of spontaneous mass electronic mail or the utilization of spyware 

Content Policies 

Our program has been intended for locales with premium substance. Locales that advance, contain, or interface specifically to the accompanying sorts of substance will not be affirmed. 

Grown-up, Pornographic or any illicit substance 

Tobacco, liquor, ammo, dangerous substances, unlawful medications, gut, brutality, betting and prejudice content 

Pages containing irreverence or substance that as well as segregates or is hostile to any segment of individuals 

Abhor, viciousness, racial narrow mindedness, or backer against any individual, gathering, or association 

Clearance of physician recommended medications 

Closeout of fake items, impersonations of creator or different merchandise, stolen things or any items that encroach protected innovation privileges of different gatherings 

Contain programs which advance invalid snap movement by paying clients to tapping on promotions, peruse sites, read email and so forth. 

Sites that contain gatherings, exchange sheets, talk rooms, or any substance region that is available to open updates without satisfactory balance 

Destinations with substance that has been produced utilizing PC projects and subsequently may not be comprehendible. 

Main part of the substance is client created 

Locales with phony news 

Some other substance that we put stock in our sole tact to be unlawful 

Traffic Policies 

All impressions must be real and taps on promotions must be authentic and made simply dependent on client intrigue. In the event that whenever, we discover the Publisher having utilized any technique to erroneously blow up impressions or clicks or their traffic quality falls beneath our adequate traffic quality norms or played out any demonstration infringing upon the Program approaches, we, at our sole caution, may suspend or end singular locales or Publisher accounts with prompt impact. 

Invalid Traffic: Publishers will not direct people to their locales through boosted snap programs, spam email showcasing, paid-to-surf, autosurf, click-trade programs, undesirable promotions on outsider sites, toolbars and other spontaneous programming downloads 

Invalid Clicks: 

Some particular preclusions incorporate (yet are not restricted to): 

Motivating force Programs: Publishers may not offer any pay or boost any individual in any way to see/click advertisements. Snaps made by the Publisher all alone promotions will be viewed as invalid 

Misdirecting Users: Publishers will not give any content in or around the promotion units, or incorporate expressions that may delude a client or urge them to tap the advertisements. Any advertisements that are masked inside the substance or potentially put in a way which can't be recognized from substance are denied 

Misdirecting Images: Placing pictures or thumbnails around the advertisement unit which may betray a client is denied 

Mechanized snaps: Participating in or utilizing any computerized snap and impression producing apparatuses, utilization of bots, open intermediaries or programming that can prompt false impressions and snaps. 

Traffic Quality: We are incredibly specific about traffic quality on our program as we trust that low quality traffic antagonistically impacts promoter's interests. Our consistence and quality observing groups complete far reaching keeps an eye on an on-going premise to guarantee high traffic quality guidelines. 

Advertisement Code and Ad Placement Policies 

Advertisement Placement: The Publisher may put the promotion just on his site or the destinations that were endorsed. Any income produced by the promotions on unapproved locales won't be paid to the Publisher. Distributer may just place up to 3 advertisement labels for every page on endorsed destinations. If it's not too much trouble counsel a Ad Specialist for any help on promotion position. 

Distributers will not: 

Move, lease, rent, sublicense, sub-syndicate, exchange, circulate or generally utilize or make accessible the promotion labels or creatives or any duplicates thereof to any outsider 

Place advertisements on non-endorsed sites or website pages, or in such a mold, to the point that might be misleading to the client 

Place promotions in unapproved toolbars, programming or applications 

Distributers are not allowed to revive a page or a component of a page without the client asking for an invigorate. This incorporates setting promotions on pages or in positions that auto-divert or auto-invigorate. 

Place promotions on under development, stopped pages or pages without substance 

Stack promotions in a way that places commercials over each other 

Reserve or generally store the promotions in any shape or way 

Convey advertisement code by means of pop-ups and pop-unders 

Place advertisements in messages or bulletins 

Make alterations or in any capacity square guest IP, referrer or page URL from being given to 

Promotion Code control: 

The Publisher may not: 

adjust the Ad Code in any capacity that changes the presence of an advertisement, or controls the standard conduct, focusing on or conveyance of promotions 

put the Ad Code in an iFRAME aside from with earlier authorization of The Ad Code must be set straightforwardly into the HTML wellspring of the site page 

endeavor in any capacity to adjust, change, dispose of, hide, or generally render inoperable or inadequate the promotion labels, source codes, joins, pixels, modules or other information 

Load any product that can trigger pop-ups, divert clients to undesirable sites, alter program settings or generally meddle with site route.
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