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Information of iMac Pro 2018

  • Apple sells six different iMacs in two different sizes. The size is the most obvious difference - either you choose a model with a 21.5in or a 27in display (measured diagonally). But there are other variations that mean that finding the iMac that suits you best might not be as obvious as you would expect - which is probably why you are here reading this article.
  • The other thing letting this iMac down is the fact that it is the only one with an integrated graphics card - Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 640, which is incorporated onto the processor. All the other iMacs have superior, discreet graphics cards from AMD which are better suited to games and other graphic intensive operations.
  • We would tend to recommend that when you buy a new Mac you always do so with the future in mind. You want to buy a Mac that will last you a few years because Macs are notoriously difficult to upgrade so generally we say get the most RAM and the fastest processor you can for your money. Because you can’t upgrade it later.

iMac 2018 release date 2nd Dec

  • Because we still don’t have any concrete iMac 2018 information, we think it’s time to look to the past to gain some insight into the future.
  • The iMac 2017 update was revealed on June 5, 2017 at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote. However, we missed the iMac 2018 at WWDC 2018. In fact, we didn’t see any hardware at all. Same goes for the iPhone XS event – no Mac hardware. This makes us believe Apple will hold a special Mac presentation, likely in October or November.
  • Whenever the announcement happens, we think the iMac 2018 will, in fact, release some time this year. We’ve already seen plenty of speculation that a MacBook 2018 is incoming – we just hope the iMac 2018 isn’t far behind.
  • While we love the look of the iMac, it’s sort of had the same design for the past 10 years, so 2018 could be a great year to tweak the look. That could mean a minor revision, such as slimming the body even further, or something more drastic.Rumors of an iMac redesign have been swirling since a post, apparently by a ‘Foxconn Insider’ who worked for the company that builds the devices for Apple, claimed there would be an update to the iMac and its peripherals.

Take inspiration from the MacBook and iPhone

  • Whilst we’re getting ideas from other Apple devices, there’s a few things we’d like to see from the iPhone and MacBook appear in the iMac 2018.
  • For example, how cool would it be if the Touch Bar from certain MacBooks turned up on a redesigned iMac keyboard? Those touch-sensitive buttons would be a fantastic addition.
  • Also, we’ve been very impressed by the Face ID technology of the iPhone X, so if Apple is thinking of upgrading the FaceTime camera on the iMac 2018, we’d love to see this included, so we could unlock our new iMac with just a glance.

Boosted specs

  • We’d love to see the iMac 2018 toting some of the very latest, and best, components when it’s revealed to the world. Ideally, Apple will shove the latest Coffee Lake Refresh CPUs into the iMac 2018, so that Apple fans could have access to the 8-core chips that PC users have enjoyed for a while. But, even if Apple is more conservative, and sticks with 8th-generation Coffee Lake chips, the iMac 2018 stands to get a huge performance boost over last year’s model.
  • The processing probably won’t be ending with a six-core CPU, either. Three of the Macs that Apple is rumored to be releasing this year will supposedly offload some functionality to Cupertino-crafted silicon. This will probably amount to ‘Hey Siri’ commands, like they do on the iMac Pro, but Apple could do something crazy here.
  • This second processor is likely part of Apple’s rumored ‘Kalamata Initiative’, which will see the Cupertino giant replace all Intel processors with its own by 2020. This is a huge ordeal, to be sure, but Apple seems to be well on the way working on its own chips in a super-secret lab.
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